Being a dad can be an extraordinarily hard job.
To really highlight why dads need a break, we wanted to capture some of the moments that they experience with their kids every day. 

Fathers Day - Bathtime 30"

Fathers Day - Hairwash 

Fathers Day - Spiderman 30"

Agency: Marketforce  |  Concept: Alida Henson and Megan Riley

Finalist, AWARD Awards (Radio Single), ‘Spiderman’.
Finalist, AWARD Awards (Radio Single), ‘Hairwash’.
Winner, Round 3 Siren Awards (Campaign), ‘Father’s Day’.

Gold, PADC Awards (Radio Single), ‘Spiderman’.
Gold, PADC Awards (Radio Single), ‘Hairwash’.
Silver, PADC Awards (Radio Single), ‘Spiderman’.
Winner, SCA Radio Writers Award, ‘Spiderman’.